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Fees and Billing


Meagle Law, P.A.’s hourly rates are as follows:

  • Bankruptcy Matters:
      • Debtor Representation:
        • Chapter 7:    Attorney: $225/hr; Legal Assistant: $75/hr; Paralegal: $90/hr
        • Chapter 13:  Attorney: $225/hr; Legal Assistant: $75/hr; Paralegal: $90/hr
        • Chapter 11:  Attorney: $225/hr; Legal Assistant: $75/hr; Paralegal: $90/hr
      • Creditor Representation:
        • Attorney: $225/hr; Legal Assistant: $75/hr; Paralegal: $90/hrr
  •  Commercial Litigation, Business Matters, Contract Matters:
        • Attorney: $225/hr; Legal Assistant: $75/hrr; Paralegal: $90/hr
  •  Foreclosure Defense and Foreclosures:
        • Attorney: $225/hr; Legal Assistant: $75/hrr; Paralegal: $90/hr
  •  Probate Matters:
        • Attorney: $225/hr; Legal Assistant: $75/hrr; Paralegal: $90/hr
  •  Estate Planning:
        • Wills, Advanced Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorney:
          • Flat Fee: typically $300 for each individual, but varies depending on complexity.
        • Trusts:
          • Attorney: Attorney: $225/hr; Legal Assistant: $75/hr; Paralegal: $90/hr

We do not provide any services on a flat fee basis except for will preparation.

If a filing, response or other work of any kind is required within 10 days of the firm being retained, the attorney fees will be increased by $50/hr, as this will involve expediting work on your matter and delaying work on other cases. 

Meagle Law, P.A. also charges for out-of-pocket expenses, including but not limited to: court reporter and transcript fees, title reports, service fees, expert witness fees, postage, filing fees, third party copy costs, publication fees, etc.  We also charge $0.10 per page for in-house copying.

We charge New Mexico gross receipts tax on all services and those costs that are taxable.

We never charge for clerical work.

You will likely be asked to pay a retainer prior to any services being rendered.  This retainer is placed in a trust account and is your money until fees are earned or costs are charged, at which time the amount billed will be taken out of the retainer and applied to your account.  The amount of the required retainer will depend on the nature of your legal matter.  If your retainer is expended or close thereto, we may ask you for an additional retainer.  If we complete our services for you and a portion of your retainer remains, we will return it to you.

At Meagle Law, P.A., it is important to us that our fees and billing are up-front, clear, and fair.  If, during our representation, you have any questions about or issues with your bill, we are more than glad to review it with you and resolve any issues.